We predicate all of our marketing and advertising work for law firms on the codification of years of experience in legal marketing and advertising.

We have put together the four pillars of legal marketing success and stand by them. We continue to refine and develop more efficient tactics, but keep our over-arching strategies to the framework that we know wins.

The four pillars are our framework and comprise of Brand, Urgency, Convenience and Super-Niches (this is reworded from “Specialisms” which we use internationally – see our article on state bar association compliance in websites and online marketing and advertising).


Brand in terms of the overall law firm has a surprisingly small direct effect on the bottom line. Hardly anyone comes to you because of your firm’s Brand these days. This can be a hard pill to swallow for veterans that have worked tirelessly to build their firm’s brand for decades. What was once the linchpin of a successful law firm is slowly falling out of focus as technology continues to progress and consumer connectedness increases.

However, all that brand building was not in vain. Aspects of your brand and your vocality across all media are essential to give your potential clients a sense of trust that can be the difference between gaining a new client and never having had the inquiry.

When a new client finds you, your brand needs to speak to them on the periphery that you are the right firm and your brand is the guidon to the prospects journey from looking to engaging.

Brand comes into its own when we talk about the individuals in your firm. People do business with people, corporate identities understand and communicate with each other on their own.

By championing your individuals and giving them direction and freedom to build their personal brands (of course maintaining the overall firm’s brand when doing so) is the single best way to get the biggest slice of the marketing and advertising pie – word of mouth and personal recommendation.

Brand comes into its own when we talk about the individuals in your firm. People do business with people, corporate identities understand and communicate with each other on their own.


The point where a potential client has urgency to contact a law firm is the beginning of the “golden window”. It is at this moment your firm should be the most visible.

Being visible is not enough, you have to be compelling to get the client to look further and then you need to show that you are the exact solution to their immediate pain or the exact provider that will help them build their endeavour.

Many agencies make the mistake that all legal issues are problems. This is not the case. Someone starting out with an exciting tech start-up does not consider needing iron-tight founder contracts as a problem. They think of them as a part of their exciting tech start-up endeavour. Stuffy and sombre is not how to engage these types of clients. You have to cater for both.

With every potential client able to do their own research online, to get a significant market share of new business (whether that is local, state or national) you have to be visible at this point of urgency. We do that through advertising and content marketing. It can also be done with social media by your staff building their personal brands.

There is a lot more to urgency – I suggest you check out this Linkedin article about it: The Four Pillars of Legal Marketing Success.


I covered this a little above in the Brand section – customer loyalty across the boards is at an all time low. People have grown wise and want the best deal whether that is financial or in terms of quality the only way you get to keep doing business with your past and current clients is to make it exceptionally convenient for them to do so.

Convenience does play a factor in winning new business on its own, although the rewards on this can be hit and miss (e.g. a fully online conveyancing service solution may work, but it may be very costly and not do anything for your firm).

The main aspect of Convenience is that you remind your clients that you are there and can provide competitive and comparable service with greater ease than other firms.

See the link to the main article above.


In the article linked to above I explain how super-niches are the “secret” staring law firms in their faces. The most efficient expansion is done through offering bespoke solutions to bespoke audiences – this covers all aspects of the other three pillars – branding  a firm as able to deliver in a specific niche, being visible as a firm that can look after the client at points of urgency, and being the most convenient choice due to having a track record in that niche.

By laser targeting your services and audiences you can multiply your clients whilst minimising on the cost involved to reach them. Repeat business is also much easier to maintain.

Our services are all based on this idea of super-niches – high transaction value, high profit margin, very niche areas of legal services.

What to Do Now

We cover all of this in much more detail and provide highly actionable checklists for your staff and the firm as a whole to follow to start seeing the rewards of these strategies in terms of step-by-step tactics in our The Four Pillars of Legal Marketing Success Email Series which you can sign up for below.