Marketing to the high end of consumers or businesses means ensuring that your service comes across as prestigious and offering high value

Whether you offer services to consumers, individuals, organisations, or groups, you will need to ensure that you portray an image of solicitor firm prestige when you embark on marketing to the high end client. High end services will usually go the extra mile and provide additional services over and above those services that a more standard and typical solicitor service would offer. There are a number of ways in which you can be perceived as offering high end services but a lot of this will come down to how you and the rest of your team communicate with clients.

Approach The Right Audience

If you offer an expensive service then you need to ensure that you are approaching the right market. For example, if you are a specialist in technology law then you should approach those businesses and individuals that would need this type of service or representation. It would be pointless marketing to individual consumers that may be more interested in negligence or personal injury solicitors. By targeting the right group of people you can ensure that they have the budget and the need for your services.

Ensure Quality Shines Through

When marketing to the high end you must ensure that quality shines through. While there may be some organisations and groups that take up a particular service because it is perceived as being the latest big thing, the vast majority of your long term clients will come from those that have a genuine need for the services you offer. If they are expected to part with a big budget then they will want to see the results that match that outlay. Not only should your service be high quality but it should be perceived as high quality too.


Testimonials can help ensure that potential clients see the quality that you offer but nothing sells quite as well as an endorsement. If you sell your services to individuals then look for celebrity endorsements. If you sell your services to businesses and organisations then look for major brands that will endorse what you do. Not everybody will be willing to offer this endorsement especially with some legal services that are offered. For example, a celebrity may not want the world to know that you helped them avoid a driving ban or other form of prosecution.

Be A Thought Leader And An Authority

Be perceived as a thought leader and you will find it a lot easier to market your services to high end clients. Even your peers and competitors will turn to you for information on particular topics if you manage to become a leader in your particular area of expertise. By becoming such an authoritative figure and providing a quality service you will virtually have free reign over the budget of your clients and you will enjoy a strong relationship with potential clients right from the offset.

Unified Marketing

Don’t concentrate all of your efforts online. Many people still associate high end services with TV, newspaper, and magazine advertising. Always consider the channels that you use to advertise – not only will low quality channels mean that you gain no real benefit but you may lose reputation and image if you choose to display your advertisements and marketing efforts on channels that are associated with low quality services.


Pricing is a difficult subject at the best of times and when marketing to high end consumers it takes on a whole new element of difficulty to consider. High end clients won’t pay more than a service is worth but they will also see the price of your service as being an indication of its quality. As well as pricing too high, there is an inherent danger to pricing this type of service too low. Although unrelated, consider the Stella Artois marketing message that the beer is “reassuringly expensive” and determine your charging structure accordingly.

Solicitor Firm Prestige And Marketing To High End Clients

Marketing to high end clients means that your organisation needs to be perceived as having plenty of solicitor firm prestige. If it respected by other solicitors and legal firms as well as clients and prospective clients alike then you will have a greater chance of making sales to high end consumers. Consider everything you do, including the pricing of your services when marketing to the high end in any industry but especially in the legal industry.