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Campaigns As A Service

Proven Legal Marketing & Advertising Campaigns

Similar to a software subscription model we have developed Campaigns as A Service. We have a selection of micro-site and advertising campaigns available for specific legal niches including family, criminal, commercial, and employment law. Deployment is typically within 5 working days and requires minimal input from the law firm to get started. There are no set up fees and contracts are rolling monthly. ROI is typically upwards of 300-500% in the first 6 months.

This means instant new business for your law firm that you can flexibly turn on and off as you see fit. These campaigns have been deployed in multiple cities and countries so we understand the nuances between different legal niches as well as service locations.

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Client Journey Intelligence

Value Tracking, Prospect Analytics & Appraisals

Our Client Journey Intelligence systems bring two major benefits to your marketing and client engagement.

Firstly, we can find out exactly what marketing strategies are producing ROI. Initially designed so we could track the returns clients were getting from our campaigns, we were soon asked to provide the system to our clients’ in-house teams and 3rd party suppliers. Open your eyes and see which areas are profitable and which areas are wasting budget.

As we track your campaigns on the individual visitor level we can lead score and send real time alerts to your staff regarding interested prospective clients that you would not have heard of otherwise. Tap into the 98% of visitors that do not directly enquire after coming to your website.

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Custom Built Solutions

The Exact Mix of Technology & Marketing Consultancy

Our tailor-made programs work exactly along your expansion goals. We start with easy wins to make and save you money whilst increasing new client inflow and impact.

Next, we can isolate the high transaction value, high margin super-niches that you can currently service and build those campaigns.

We will deliver strategic consulting to develop more areas within the firm that significantly benefit the bottom line at year end, this can be anywhere from a full service solution to consulting on specific campaigns and areas of legal service.

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Individual Services

Each service is independently available as required by your firm and can be "pick-and-mixed" as part of a custom built solution.

Website Design

We provide a range of web design services including our high-converting microsites that match your brand. We also offer a website design overhaul service (often alongside our branding service) and can update sites to make them easily editable in-house as well as more secure.

Value Tracking

We deploy our tracking systems across your firm with the purpose of finding out exactly where you are getting most of your new business. This allows us to give you detailed appraisals of what is working and what is not. From there we consult with you how to get the most out of your budget.

Online Reputation Management

Several firms and team members have fallen foul of unregulated negative online content. These can plague search engine results when people go looking at individuals or the firm by name. Both long term clients and new clients at the very end point of engagement can be lost after an innocent google search, making negative links a most costly detraction to the success and viability of the firm. We provide a comprehensive service to stop this in its tracks. Prices can vary but it is generally a staggered approach, design, development and content generation is heaviest at the outset, and within 9 months, requires only maintenance for results to continue indefinitely.

Client Journey Intelligence

The better data you have, the better decisions you can make. Our Client Journey Intelligence systems comprise tracking and analysing all activity of prospects, clients, staff, suppliers and competitors, all at the individual level.

The data is there already, IP address logs, account log ins, call itemisation, wifi connections. Our systems make sense of the data to give you real insight so you can add value to everyone in your firm's ecosystem and progress in leaps and bounds as a result.

See our Client Journey Intelligence page for the full lowdown.


If you are looking to enhance your brand or re-brand entirely we will walk you through the steps to do so. There is nothing quite like nailing the right image but it takes a lot of work from you, and a little guidance from us. Your firm's precise branding message is only ever going to come from within. We usually suggest two 3 hour sessions on site or via video conference to get a full branding brief put together. Concepts can be developed over the following week, discussed in three 1 hour finalisation sessions.


We provide a stand-alone consultancy service to provide ongoing in-depth analysis and understanding of your existing marketing and advertising. We provide guidance and implementation tactics usually on a biweekly video conference with managing partners, head of marketing or directors of business development. The advice can only be as good as the data provided, so it is important to also consider our tracking and journey intelligence services.


One or two day seminars to your partners, fee-earners, and business development team that covers a range of topics from in-house content generation, "personal" brand within the firm ecosystem, the client journey and data-driven decision making, enquiry to engaged client, getting great 3rd party review metrics, best advertising practices, and departmental growth strategies.

Lead Discovery

There is usually 50% more business just sitting there. People looking on your website or just an email or call away from becoming new clients. Use our client journey intelligence to discover leads you would never have known you had and get your team to reaching out and not falling foul of the missed opportunities.

Especially in the legal industry, someone can be planning to use a firm for a service, and then suddenly, when it is out of hours, and they can't get hold of you just choose the first firm that picks up the phone. Actionable data is at your fingertips to not lose work anymore. Make use of it.

Search Engine Optimisation

With regards to SEO, we will ensure your website is structurally and semantically set up to rank in the search engines. We will also get your firm listed in the right online directories and local listings. Ongoing, we will systematically work to increase the unpaid traffic your website gets from search engines.

Social Media Advertising

Although we recommend getting your team to broadcast and interact on social media, we do run social media advertising campaigns for law firms. Depending on the legal niche we run Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn adverts alongside other platforms.

Paid Search Advertising

We will set up and manage your paid advertising campaigns and flank with our remarketing algorithms across multiple platforms. Don't risk wasting your budget with inexperienced PPC managers! We have run these campaigns for law firms for over 7 years and handled millions in advertising spend. We know what we're doing.

Campaigns As A Service

We have a series of marketing and advertising campaigns we can deploy within a few days that will instantly start bringing in new enquiries for your department.

No ongoing contracts, turn it on, turn it off flexibility and set it and forget functionality for your team. It has never been easier to get fee-earners up to capacity without forcing them to go out there and get the business in themselves.

See our Campaigns-As-A-Service page for more data.

Business Development Service

Your firm may need a head of marketing or a business development manager - but you may be missing the £xx,000 + benefits that a typical Biz Dev or HOM commands. For less than 25% of the cost and none of the hassle we provide strategic planning, project management, and will (where feasible) even run and supervise your marketing and advertising suppliers until you are at a size where you need a full time person on the ground.

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