Landing page optimisation will increase conversions and traffic ensuring the best possible return on your marketing investment

There are, of course, many factors to consider when developing an online marketing strategy. One factor that is sometimes overlooked is the quality of your landing pages; landing page optimisation can make a big improvement to your firm. A landing page should be targeted to your visitors, the route they used to arrive on your site, and the next action that they should perform. This targeting is performed using your content, which not only includes the text of the page, but it should also look at visitor information while considering ad relevance as an important factor too.

  • What are you looking for from your personal injury website?
  • Do you want to generate leads by collecting phone numbers, email addresses, and other details of people that have been involved in different forms of accident?
  • Do you want to create conversions directly from the pages of your site?

Setting Goals For Each Page

In reality, different pages of your website will usually have different goals and while some may be set up to gather information to build a list of leads, other pages will have the primary goal of creating conversions from visitors. There will also be those pages that may aim to create both types of conversion. This is one reason why individual landing pages should be treated individually.

Consider A Visitor’s Route To Your Site

The route that a visitor has taken to arrive on your site should be one of your first considerations. The content of an ad or the keywords they used when searching gives a clear indication of the kind of information that they are looking for and how far along the purchasing process they are. Even the type of site or link that they came from will also prove invaluable. For example, those coming from a blog post on a business website may be considered to be in the early stages of the purchasing funnel whereas those that arrive from a direct marketing email or from a personal injury website may be further down the funnel.

Meeting Visitor Requirements

A landing page should match the requirements of its visitor. The content should be written and created so that it offers the specific type and level of information that visitors are looking for. Generic search terms will usually require that the page have general information with a link to sign up for more information. More specific search terms require more specific information and this may be a better opportunity for you to sing the praises of your law firm and the services it offers.

Clean And Clear Landing Page Design

Avoid cluttered landing pages. A clean and clear design will make it a lot easier for visitors to make purchases and click links to progress through the purchasing process. Consider removing ads, including your own, if they take away from the value of the page content. Ensure navigation is clearly laid out and easy to spot and use. Frustrated visitors will leave your website in search of something that is easier to understand and simpler to follow so a page that is too busy will usually mean lost business.

Include The Essentials

Do make room for essential elements. Trust icons such as membership of legal bodies and accreditation logos should be added and so too should links to social media profiles. Testimonials are another beneficial way of building trust with your website visitors, or potential clients, so look for ways in which to implement these on the pages of your site. Your Call To Action should be clearly identified and you should guide your prospective clients towards this in order to increase conversions and generate more sales for your firm.

Including Various Forms Of Media

Add other forms of media besides just text. Text content will usually make up the majority of a website but add videos and images, consider adding personal injury compensation calculators, and include any other forms of media that your visitors will not only enjoy but will genuinely benefit from. Whenever you add any new content, first ensure that you are using the genuinely most beneficial form of media when creating it and don’t simply add video for the sake of including a video clip.

Solicitor Marketing And Landing Page Optimisation

Solicitor marketing requires that many different elements all come together to generate visitors and convert those visitors into sales. Look at your marketing techniques and content while also considering landing page optimisation to be a viable and potentially profitable means of improving website results.