Online reputation management for solicitors offers a means to improve branding and ensure you control what potential clients see.

Online reputation management for solicitors is an effective means of ensuring that when somebody searches for the name of your firm or the name of one of the solicitors in your firm, they will be presented with positive press rather than bad news. It only takes a single piece of bad press coverage, one disgruntled client, or a single former employee to create an online storm but it is possible to recover from such an event. Monitor your brands, set up alerts for new mentions of your name, and use a variety of techniques to ensure that you control what your clients see.

Monitoring Your Online Reputation

Before you can hope to manage your online reputation you must have a clear picture of your current reputation level. Use search engines, social networks, review sites, and other online real estate to look for mentions of your brand. These are the same websites that your potential clients would use when researching your firm so you will be able to see exactly the same information as they would see.

Search Engines, Review Sites, And Social Media

Social media has grown in prominence over the last few years but it is still search engines that the majority of people use when they are researching information companies and individuals. They may also use review sites and directories and it is important that you have a good handle of exactly what these sites contain about you and your organisation if you wish to manage your reputation.

Setting Up Alerts

Search engines like Google enable you to set up alerts so that you are the first to see any new mentions of your brand. With Google Alerts you can choose to receive an email whenever your company name or other brand name is mentioned online and this means that you will be able to act quickly to quell any negative press you might receive. You can set up alerts so that you receive an email each time something new is published that includes your name or you can receive daily digests of new mentions.

The Firm And Solicitors

Don’t simply search for the name of your firm. Online reputation management for solicitors typically requires that you manage the reputation of your firm but also the reputation of individual solicitors and lawyers, along with anybody else that is employed in a customer facing role. Clients may search using these names, along with pseudonyms and acronyms, so you too should monitor all of these potential brand recognisers.

Reacting To Emergencies

If a piece of bad press hits the headlines then you should first take stock of the situation. Don’t overreact and panic. Bad news can be buried and it can be replaced with positive reviews but getting involved in an argument online or attempting to rubbish claims made by others may lead to a worsening of the situation rather than an improvement. Take stock and measure the actual coverage that the story receives before you react.

Using Review Sites

Use review sites to your advantage. Encourage your clients to post positive reviews of you and your service. Avoid the temptation to create fake reviews because the modern, savvy Internet user may be able to recognise these as being fake reviews. Similarly, don’t bribe your clients but do actively encourage them to leave an honest assessment of the service they received.

Using Social Media

Social media is another form of online media that you can use to your advantage when conducting online reputation management for solicitors. Set up profiles on social media sites not only for your company but for the professionals within your firm too. If you have a sales team or marketing team that regularly deal with enquiries and provide their names then you should consider creating profiles for these members too.

You can encourage these new social media publishers to take a more active role in your social marketing campaign too. The more they post, the more often they share, and the more people talk about their profile and content the greater the results will prove for your organisation.

Guest Blogging

Create blog posts for your own blog but set aside some time to create high quality and informative guest posts too. Ask fee earners and partners within your firm to create guest posts as well. These can be a great way to drive traffic and encourage new business; they can also prove highly effective as an addition to your reputation management campaign.

Online reputation management for solicitors can help you to manage the press that appears online regarding your business and your website. Take advantage of this by ensuring that clients see positive reviews and good news rather than negative press.