Personal injury can be an emotive topic but as a personal injury lawyer you need to find a way to market your services in good taste

There are certain topics that may be considered especially emotive. When talking about marketing personal injury, for example, it is important to remember that some people will have suffered major trauma as a result of their accident and, in some cases, it may be that the accident led to a friend or family’s death. You still want the business, they still need your top quality service, but it can all be lost with poorly chosen words and non-sympathetic approach to the whole case.

Your Voice

Everything you do online is being judged by somebody. In the case of your professional website and the social media profiles that you use to help you sell your services to prospective clients it is your leads that are judging you, even if this isn’t their main concern. Personal injury cases can be highly emotive. Somebody may have suffered serious injury and, in the worst case scenario, they may even have lost a family member or loved one. Ensure that you use a tone that is appropriate in all aspects of your online business otherwise you face the very real possibility of alienating some of these groups of people.


It isn’t just the content of your ads and website pages that matters, it is the design of your site and everything else right down to where your links and ads are placed. Carefully consider the type of site where your ad will appear and avoid anything that might further upset those that are looking for the service you offer. Links, guest posts, articles, press releases… ensure that all of these enjoy beneficial placement on good quality and relevant sites.

Ad Copy And External Content

The content of your website should be sympathetic to those that have suffered personal injury or loss but so too should external content; content that still belongs to you or reflects you but isn’t necessarily on the pages of your website or your blog. If you are a regular social media poster then this may prove especially important to you – remember that you are still being judged and that the majority of your potential customers can probably see everything that you do on these sites too.

Your Personal Social Media Accounts

It isn’t just your professional life that is being judged. Make sure that you completely separate your personal and professional profiles and do not let the two mix. As soon as you invite a client to your personal Facebook profile it opens up a whole host of ways in which you can make the wrong move. You will not be free to post the personal pictures or status updates that you might want to and doing so could mean a loss of reputation as well as business.

Communication With Clients

However you choose to communicate with clients do so in good taste. You may have to deal with injured parties, their carers, and even their surviving relatives when you are dealing with this type of case so avoid jokes and any communication that may be deemed inappropriate. If you want to be seen as a professional and treated as one then you also need to ensure that you act like one from the very first encounter with a client to the very last one.

Permission And Case Studies

Case studies, testimonials, and example outcomes are a potentially great way to help market your site but you absolutely must ensure that you have permission from your client before you use any kind of information about them or their case. This is covered by client confidentiality anyway but it is better to be safe than sorry so approach them for permission even if you believe that you have made the information vague enough or that you already have permission.

Put The Client First

Of course, your client is your priority. You may want to create a website that ranks highly in the search engine rankings but this is, by no means, the most important step in the process. Remember that clients and potential clients may read anything or view anything that you publish on the Internet so ensure that every word and every image is posted and published in good taste or you could alienate your most important assets.

There are many techniques and strategies that can be used to help when marketing personal injury but it is vital that you take a professional approach in all aspects of your online business. You should also remember that, unfortunately, in your position of power this can even spread into your personal online activities so be aware of this when posting to social networks and other sites.