Solicitor website online credibility is governed by many factors but can help to generate the best online law firm results possible

By incorporating certain factors into your website design and the way that you conduct your online business it is possible to increase solicitor website online credibility. This, in turn, can help to generate new business by increasing the number of visitors your website has and the conversion rate that it enjoys. Add genuine content, set yourself out as a thought leader, and ensure that you information such as contact details, case studies, and trust icons to help further embed a feeling of trust within the minds of your visitors.

Trust Icons

Trust icons are a small but powerful addition to your website. They are the little logos that show you are a member of a particular trade organisation or governing body, that you have accreditation and certification, and that you are essentially a reliable and trustworthy solicitor firm. Even though your visitors may not be looking specifically for this information they will take heart if they see it published on the template for your site pages.

Testimonials And Endorsements

Another element that is relatively easy to implement but gives incredible results is the use of testimonials or, better still, endorsements. These should be genuine and they should be more than the typical two line, run of the mill website additions. Ask permission before publishing the testimonial with a name or location of the person that provided it. If the provider allows then you could even link to an email address or provide some other contact detail so that potential clients can verify the content of the testimonial.

Reviews And Review Sites

Testimonials aren’t the only way in which past clients are able to give you a shining recommendation. Review sites exist all over the internet and they give customers a chance to rate and review the services or companies that they have used. Ensure that your solicitor firm has a presence on these sites and then encourage your clients to leave honest reviews. You do need to ensure that you provide a high quality service and exceptional customer service to really benefit from this technique but if you do then you can improve the prestige of your firm.

Likes, Shares, And Social Media

Not all of your clients will need such a structured environment in order to have their say. When somebody finds genuine value from a service they may be inclined to share their experience on social media and social networking sites. This is the digital equivalent of word of mouth marketing and it can generate some exceptional results for your client pipeline because it can bring many new leads and clients to the doors of your solicitor firm.


Use the questions asked by leads and clients and generate content for your site. Content that is created in this way will often be seen as highly credible because it will answer the queries and questions that your website visitors are actually asking themselves. They can also make great content for SEO and other marketing strategies thanks to the existence of naturally incorporated keywords. Not only will you be able to convert a larger percentage of visitors but you will attract more people to your site in the first place which means more sales and greater potential for profits.

Case Studies

Case studies are another form of content that can be created in this way. Use a case you have recently won and highlight the initial problem, how you overcame it, and what benefits were offered to your client by using your service. This is an emotive form of marketing because it not only highlights the benefits of your service but it gives real life examples of how others have actually enjoyed those benefits. It persuades potential clients that they too could enjoy these same benefits.

Thought Leadership Marketing

Thought leadership marketing can combine your online and offline efforts to help you set you apart as a true leading in your field. Create exceptional content, give exceptional speeches, and offer exceptional services and not only will clients see you as exceptional in your field but so too will your peers. You may find referrals from other solicitors will increase along with conversion rates from your own website and online real estate.

Contact Information

You should include your contact information your website, anyway, if you want to make a sale and enjoy strong conversion rates but if you intend to improve solicitor website online credibility then this is even more important. Add a contact form, include your email address, and add a phone number, physical address, and even a fax number. Consider getting a Freephone number to further encourage your visitors to give you a call.