Although it is a term often considered with ecommerce it is possible to cross sell legal services too

It is a marketing practice that is typically considered a retail or ecommerce strategy but you can cross sell your legal services using effective solicitor marketing tactics. The introduction of alternative business structures for law firms means that it is now possible to incorporate a number of additional services as well as the areas of law that your firm practices. This is another way in which you can cross promote or cross sell and it could help propel your law firm to greater heights of profitability.

Alternative Business Structures

Recent legislation and legal changes have seen the introduction of alternative business structures. These allow non-lawyer executives to hold managerial and ownership positions within a law firm, something which was not previously possible. It also opens the door for law firms to diversify even further; something that the recent recession has made even more important to the survival of the modern business. It also allows for additional investment from outside the legal partners of the company; another benefit for the modern law firm.

What Is Cross Selling?

One area in which alternative business structures may change the face of legal marketing is in the potential for cross-selling services. Cross selling means the selling of an additional product or service to a client that has already made a purchase from the firm. An example may be the selling of a data management contract to a company that has previously paid for data related law services. Similarly, the reverse may also be possible so a firm can sell legal services to a company that has paid for and benefited from other business services.

Cross Selling Legal Services

It is also possible to cross sell just legal services. A family law firm can sell one service and then attempt to sell a second, related legal service to the same person. A single law firm will usually incorporate a number of lawyers and solicitors and so this opens the door to many cross selling opportunities assuming that you can persuade the members of your company to work together in tandem.

A Word Of Caution

There are some obvious combinations that you should not attempt to sell directly. For example, if you deal with pre-nuptial agreements then attempting to sell a divorce law service would not only be considered crass but is likely to alienate potential future relationships. Similarly, will writing and estate dispute services should not typically be sold to the same family unless requested and unless the two do not interact negatively.

When To Cross Sell

Cross selling can be performed at a number of stages in a legal service. You can attempt to cross sell when making an initial sale, once that sale has been made, or at a pre-determined date in the future. Generally, the later you leave the cross-sell the greater the relationship you will have developed with your client and while most people and organisations do not employ a law firm but an individual lawyer or solicitor it may still prove simpler to sell additional products to somebody that you have developed a level of trust with.

Potential Barriers To Cross Selling

There are potential barriers to cross selling legal services. The setup of your firm may prove to be one such barrier and the process will require that all of your lawyers, solicitors, and team members are willing to work together and are also willing to effectively share their clients and leads. Consider ways in which cross selling could benefit both solicitors or lawyers if it requires the use of two specialists.

The members of your organisation must trust one another in order to pass a client on because there is the possibility of embarrassment and lost clients if something should go wrong with the cross sold service.

Making Your Firm Work As One

Cross selling requires a cohesive structure behind your law firm organisation. You will typically need to convince the members and partners that it is a good move and this may require taking small steps initially. Cross selling is a well-trodden path for certain types of business, including retail and ecommerce, but less so for those businesses that sell services or consultation. Expect some barriers but fight to get over them and you can reap the rewards when you effectively cross sell your legal services.