Local and national solicitor marketing can improve the stream of visitors heading to your solicitor website

The Internet has been billed as many things, including a global marketplace, and effective solicitor marketing could drive leads from all over the world if you wanted. It is arguably one of the most cost efficient and effective methods of promoting a business to potential clients. For the law firm it offers the possibility of promoting locally, to those potential clients that live in your local vicinity, as well as to a more national audience. By adopting a number of marketing and networking tactics it is possible to enjoy excellent coverage but you will need to identify your niche, conduct various marketing and networking campaigns, and even enlist the help of your employees and your website visitors to assist you.

The Global Marketplace

The Internet does not have geographical boundaries in the same sense as your law firm might otherwise have. A visitor to your site is as likely to be located on the other side of the country as they are to be found around the corner assuming that you market nationally. You can use local SEO tactics to help drive your national performance, too, which means that you can benefit from a steady stream of both local and national visitors. You should first consider whether you have the firm to match a national client base. Small firms that provide specific services, typically requiring personal consultations, may not need to market nationally. Other services may not necessitate the need to meet with clients. If communication and the work itself can be conducted by phone and other means of communication then you can aim to attract a crowd from all over the country.

Identify Your Niche

Most firms will have some area of expertise or some niche. Local firms can use the geographic area that they cover as a niche but you can also consider conveyancing, family law, personal injury, or criminal defence as a viable niche. Having a niche will help drive your content marketing and digital marketing efforts. You may have more than one niche that you target but should identify them all from the outset.

Speaking And Writing

Combine your traditional networking with your digital marketing. If you are an accomplished speaker or published author then you can create web content from your work and you can also direct listeners and readers to your website. Don’t overlook the incredible potential of offline networking as a means to improve your solicitor marketing efforts. These networking techniques can also help you to become a thought leader within your industry.

By-Lined Articles

Articles can be published both online and offline. Many law journals, trade publications, and other forms of paper print publication also have websites where they will often publish the work that they include in paper print. This can give you the benefit of developing citations and bylines as well as essential links to your website. Also look for some of the more prominent online legal publications because these can garner as much interest as offline publications do.

Press Releases And News Stories

Press releases and news stories not only give you a credible source of website content but they enable you to add your own spin to stories that are happening in the news. Take a recent news story, highlight its impact on your potential clients, and then lead into a description of how your services can help to address and combat this problem. Consider your target market, be they businesses, government agencies, or individuals, to find the most relevant and beneficial news stories to cover.


A blog is a very beneficial method of regularly publishing content on your site. You can include everything from news stories to editorials and by adopting a single voice or a small handful of professional voices across your blog posts you can help to create a brand and market that brand with your potential leads.

Local Visibility

Just because you are looking to your solicitor marketing as a means of driving national business does not mean that you should overlook local marketing. Local visibility will help to improve national visibility and it may prove easier to get the best results for geographically targeted keywords. If you do adopt a geographically targeted campaign then you should consider all of the towns and regions in your area and also consider the different regions that each of your offices service.


Get your website visitors and your clients involved in the marketing process. If you break into a new region by successfully representing a new client in that area then ask them for a testimonial and a brief review. Send them your business cards and even include a whitepaper or case study on your website that is relevant. Obviously, you need to consider whether you have the rights to publish information but you don’t have to use specifics when you create a case study. Effective solicitor marketing can prove a highly viable and beneficial means of promoting a website. While local SEO and local marketing are often touted as being the more beneficial alternative, it would be folly to ignore the national reach that a solicitor website or law firm website has to offer especially as it doesn’t really require any additional effort to promote to a broader audience in this way.