Keep your hard earned reputation through effective Firm Reputation Management

You have probably worked hard for years to create the best image for your firm. Firm reputation management is essential in any business.

However, in today’s online world it is very easy for disgruntled clients (often the ones that were going to lose anyway) to gripe and moan all over the internet. Without caring for this possibility you are at risk of someone searching for your firm by name only to be inundated with negative reviews ranking anywhere from number 2 to number 10 on page one of Google.

Hardly ever objective, these can be very damaging to future business.

Recently I did some work for a firm with these issues. One upset client commented on several sites and although we do not have the Solicitors from Hell site to worry about any more, they needed the links of the front page and fast.

Google responds well to high value content and that is what we provided. They were free of negative links on page one of Google within 14 days and have now chosen the full digital marketing package to make positive progress rather than just addressing the negative.

The point is that your reputation is valuable and it needs to be protected. Negative reviews and links can be harmful and must be dealt with professionally and rapidly. Don’t leave them to fester or worse hope it will just go away. Engage a firm reputation management professional at the earliest moment possible. Or just contact us and we’ll let you know what can be done.