Profitable PPC marketing for solicitors can drive masses of highly targeted and qualified leads to your website but it needs to be done well and effectively

Setting up profitable PPC marketing for solicitors doesn’t need to be an overly complex or especially difficult task. There are challenges to be overcome, not least the competitiveness of the industry, but by setting appropriate goals and then managing a highly effective and efficient campaign you really can enjoy exceptional results. Exceptional results typically means that you will enjoy a number of new visitors to your website and that those visitors will be poised and ready to pay for your services or make contact with you.

Set Your Goals Early

One of your first priorities should be to set your goals early; as is the case with all forms of marketing. Are you looking for new leads or do you want to increase calls to your company office? Do you want greater traffic levels to your website or are you looking to implement profitable PPC marketing in order to attract new subscribers to your blog or newsletter. Establishing your goals will help you to ensure that you are tracking suitable data.

Ensure You Have Suitable Tracking

One of the benefits of PPC marketing for solicitors is the amount of information that can be tracked and used in order to optimise a campaign. However, to really take advantage of this you first need to ensure that you have the capability to track this information. Your Google Adwords account will provide a lot of information but you should ensure that you have a good analytics package installed on your site too.

Set Up Landing Pages

Assuming that you create compelling ads that are attractive to searchers, you will end up with new visitors landing on the pages of your website. Plan your campaign so that you know which pages will become your PPC landing pages and then ensure that you incorporate keywords and a strong Call To Action on these pages. Without these factors you will not be able to convert your website visitors into paying customers.

Clearly And Precisely Research The Keywords You Will Use

You will need to determine which keywords you are targeting early in the PPC campaign management process. Good keywords will be cost effective and will drive lots of highly targeted traffic to relevant pages of your website. Consider niche keywords and geo-targeted keywords to improve targeting and reduce cost. The legal sector is a highly competitive PPC sector and using generic or overly competitive keywords means that placing near the top of Sponsored PPC ad listings could cost you several pounds for every single click that you receive.

Create A Compelling Ad

The content of your ad is obviously vital to the success of your campaign. A poorly written or unappealing ad will cost you money rather than make any profit. Ensure that the headline is snappy and that you incorporate your desired keywords in the content of the ad. Keywords are placed in bold on the search results page and this means that your ad will stand out better if it includes relevant keywords.

Ensure that the copy is not only compelling but is used to provide some specific information. Good quality copy will qualify a lead before they click on your ad which helps reduce ad spend and increase conversion rates, meaning that it is a great way to ensure profitability from Pay Per Click advertising campaigns.

Another way to ensure that your ad stands out from the crowd is with ad extensions. Google in particular offers a number of ad extensions; as the title suggests, these allow you to essentially extend your ad. You can include a Google Checkout symbol or a Call button. Not all ads include these so by adding one to your own advertisement you ensure that it is your solicitor PPC ad that stands out from the crowd.

Profitable PPC Marketing For Solicitors

Pay per click marketing is a highly viable and potentially beneficial form of marketing. Done well, it can provide you with a steady stream of targeted and responsive website visitors but managed poorly or incompletely it can cost a lot more than it will make. Profitable PPC marketing for solicitors should, therefore, include the careful and consistent management of your ad campaigns.