Most law firms are missing out on at least half of their incoming business that is coming in on their websites. They are also wasting money on about half of their marketing and advertising.

These two factors alone justify every single firm, no matter their size, to take advantage of our client journey intelligence service. You will get more insight into your prospective clients that you thought possible and you will learn which marketing and advertising initiatives are investments bringing in returns, and which ones are a waste of money.

In a nutshell, we will provide you with an integrated tracking and reports system that provides you actionable data across the whole journey of your clients which can include the following journey waypoints.

  1. The arrival source of all individuals to your websites

  2. All future interactions on those sites

  3. Incoming calls

  4. Email interactions

  5. Live Chat interactions

  6. SMS interactions

  7. Visits to the Premises

  8. Integration with your CRM or Case Management Systems

  9. File download interactions

  10. Social media interactions

Based on our recommendations and your needs we can set up real time alerts and automated processes based upon this tracking.

If you would like to know more about what Client Journey Intelligence is and how we do it go here:

However, it is easier to explain what we can do for you with just a few examples of how we can transform things at your firm.

Increasing new business:

We can give your team data on what a prospective client has looked at on the website, where they came from, how many visits, etc.

We can tell you when a past prospective client comes back to the website but does not enquire so you can follow their interest up again.

We can market directly to algorithmically similar potential clients that are most likely to be high value.

We can set up and monitor many new ways of identifying and communicating with potential new clients and alert your new business team members.

We can pinpoint areas of your websites that are strong or weak based upon interactions and enquiry levels.

Understanding where new business comes from:

We can track and report which advertising campaign your new clients have come from.

We can tell you where prospective clients drop off on your website.

We can give your management team a detailed breakdown of return on investment by marketing and advertising initiative.

If a new client calls or arrives at the premises and has had previous interactions on the website or through advertising we can retroactively see that client journey.

Increasing repeat business:

We can tell you what past clients interact with your outreach campaigns and which campaign brought about the repeat business.

We can retarget your past and current clients based upon their interactions and CRM data.

We can send real time alerts when past clients come back to your websites.

We can automate processes based upon client triggers, for example, someone that downloads an invoice can be reminded to pay after a given amount of time. Or a client that has gone out of contact can be followed up automatically until they interact by call, email, or website visit and a real time alert can be sent to your team.

Increasing client satisfaction and retention:

We can alert you when clients are looking into your complaints process.

We can provide real time on-site surveys that monitor customer satisfaction and prompt for 3rd party reviews at the right time.

These are just a few examples, there are an infinite number of ways to set up client journey intelligence to suit the needs of your firm.

Service packages include all aspects to setting up the various waypoints and training on its use. Custom integration with your CRM and case management systems can be built as well.

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