Throughout the past 7 years we have worked with lots of different firms. Everyone of them has had its unique set of circumstances and goals.

We have given a case study and testimonial then followed with a small selection of scenarios and results divided into the three main law firm types we have had as clients: larger firms, specialist firms and local SME firms.

Case Study and Testimonial

Brendan Fleming Solicitors, a leading family law firm, has more than doubled in size to 40+ employees, throughout their 6-year working relationship with Marketing The Law.

Our services to them have included:

  • 2009: Website redevelopment
  • 2010-2012: Ongoing Content Updates and SEO
  • 2013: Microsites on specific areas of practice and online advertising
  • 2014: Forum development and deployment
  • 2014-2016: Enhanced and fully managed advertising campaigns

Here is what the owner, Brendan Fleming, had to say:

I have worked with Market The Law for many years and strongly recommend them.

They have designed and implemented many different successful online campaigns for my law firm.

They have been key to getting more work in for the firm from further afield and have also developed microsites that have proven popular and viable at every step.

Our firm has expanded over the years to keep up with demand and I have seen an excellent return on investment using all the services Marketing The Law has had to offer.

In terms of professionalism, over the past 6 years, the team has always been on hand to keep us up to date and have never failed to adapt to the firm’s needs. They have always brought viable and outside of the box ideas to the table.

Graham, co-founder and CEO, has a keen eye for legal marketing strategy and I urge firms looking to expand or consolidate their marketing and advertising more effectively to seek him out and take advantage of the service offerings currently available.

Brendan Fleming, 40 year veteran lawyer and entrepreneur

Larger firms with in-house teams and multiple suppliers

Online Reputation Handlings and a turnaround in fortunes:

We were approached by a large firm mainly dealing internationally that had negative reviews and links plastered all over the web. A disgruntled past employee had gone to town faking negative reviews as well as proactively contacting the tiny percentage of clients that were not entirely satisfied and getting them to leave negative reviews.

A number of these reviews were personally vindictive and so the firm had taken it upon itself to get a lot of the links removed through typical legal means. This removed around 40% of the negative material. From this point we took on the project to create and promote a large repository of content regarding the firm, its services and the senior partners that was far more relevant and balanced than the negative reviews.

We took a number of steps, including building a number of microsites and maintaining new content for them.

We then used our client journey intelligence to run flanking advertising and PR campaigns for prospective clients that had shown interest but had not yet engaged with the firm. They were given a great PR experience between the point a meeting was scheduled until they had become a paying client through intelligent and personalised re-targeted advertising across search and social media.

We also provided real time alerts as to when a prospective client showed particular interest in specific products and services and when the prospective client was becoming less interested potentially so they could be followed up with appropriately.

Over the course of a 6 month period all negative links dropped down off the first pages of the search engines and negative brand related searches dropped by 70%. At the same time, client meeting cancellations dropped to zero and sales closing ratios increased by more than half.

Campaign appraisal leading to a high return reassigning of budgets:

A large firm approached us to help them really understand where they were succeeding on their marketing. There was a return of sorts being made on the advertising, but it was small and not really worth the effort that was going into it. They took advantage of the value tracking aspect of our services that would eventually become our full blown Client Journey Intelligence.

The firm had a surprising array of advertising from radio and past client direct mail and even local leaflet dropping alongside some paid advertising in online directories and a small PPC campaign.

There was no actionable tracking in place and decisions were being made on gut-feelings and hunches. This was the first port of call – data driven decision-making always trumps guesswork. We put static tracking numbers on all offline advertising initiatives and dynamic call tracking on the online marketing.

Radio was the first to go. Not a single piece of actual business was coming from ongoing radio ads. None of the text enquiries were turning into business and even though there was a general feel that it had worked in the past, upon looking at the actual numbers, radio was costing the firm money and always had, it had never made the firm money in terms of incoming business. £4,000 + VAT, saved each month.

By using dynamic call tracking on the website, we quickly learned that very little work was actively coming from paid directories, as all the paying new business enquiries were coming from website visits, not calls on print ads or online directories that had the fixed phone number. Not only this, but we found two directories had pages that were not even indexed properly on their sites. £1,500 + VAT saved per month plus two refunds.

Finally, we took a look at the direct mailing and leaflet drops. We quickly learned that, although these were not bringing in an immediate return, that we had more people coming in to the firm from the local leaflets that became business partnerships. We changed tack and moved to a local business leaflet dropping and direct mailing methodology that brought in small and medium business commercial work and new conveyancing partnerships with the local estate agents. A single new client or partnership from each major mailing easily made the process profitable.

The firm were happy with the overall savings and also the change of fortune on their direct mailings and leaflet drops. The real benefits came when we took over their PPC and put their past wasted budgets really to work for them. Incoming business rapidly hit 500% return on PPC advertising. The firm now only relies upon PPC and their past partnerships for their incoming and ongoing business requirements.

A full product offering for a successful local firm.

Our favourite clients are those firms that have excelled locally and are often the biggest firm in their area. They enjoy a large market share on an individual level for family, private client and conveyancing as well as a decent amount of commercial work from local SMEs. We love to work with these firms to increase their local market share further, and to make their current advertising and visitor traffic more efficient in terms of incoming enquiries whilst working directly with the senior partners to reach further afield.

We did just that with a local firm, they increased their incoming business by 10% whilst reducing their advertising spend by a quarter. We then targeted a couple of big metropolitan areas which had a significant effect upon high net worth clientele and their international HR law niche they were slowly becoming a national leader in.

Specialist firms working in one or two particular legal niches

Specialist Firm boost:

A specialist family firm wanted to get more local work as well as some help in targeting work for a new office location.

We isolated two niches within their services that had were the best opportunity for rapid ROI in terms of their campaigns (they are a new and upcoming firm so it was vital not to have any negative effect on cash flow). With minimal input from the firm (they were already flat out and had no time for creating their own content) we deployed two campaigns-as-a-service niche micro-sites and attendant local advertising. These generated more than 50 call enquiries between them in the first month and more in the second month with an approximate, immediate ROI of 1,000%.

These campaigns now sit alongside their main website and advertising and continue to bring in strong levels of enquiries.

Niche firm looking for outlier cases:

A niche firm specialising in higher value forensic type work wanted to increase their incoming business for very specific, high value case types, that only a few firms had the expertise to handle in the country. Because of the nature of these case types there tended to be a lot of enquiries that could not be helped, and that only a very select few could follow the firm’s proven appeal processes with a high enough probability of success that they could be insured.

As there was a wealth of expertise in the area for the principals of the firm we decided to offer a private forum service. All case enquiries, whether they could be immediately helped or not, were directed to the private forum where the firm’s in-house experts could give useful information in their downtime. Forum updates could even be done on a mobile phone in between court attendance. This was worked through and optimised for relevant search traffic and became a helpful information resource that has brought in 50x more business than it cost to bring it about.

Super-niche Marketing and Advertising:

We took on a boutique London firm that had recently taken on a couple of new partners with very experience in two “super-niches” – areas of the law that require specific expertise and typically have high transaction values and profit margins when the experts are mainly in-house. Face to face meetings were not a prerequisite for one of the niches, so we broadly advertised that nationally through a campaign-as-a-service micro-site and paid search advertising.This generated a small amount of work, but the value of each case was so high that it easily justified its cost.

The other niche required some additional content (mainly provided by the new partner), and then we advertised locally, especially targeting city workers on their commutes back and forth from work and typical lunch hours. This highly targeted technique generated a surprisingly large number of enquiries for this very specific legal service and continues to do so today for a fraction of the money made on a single case of this type yielding an excellent level of return.

SME firms looking to boost local business or expand catchment area

Couldn’t understand why so many visitors and so little business:

A firm approached us to help them get more private client enquiries. They had actually done a great job of marketing their services online and had strong content and lot of visitors coming to their website. They specialised in divorce law and have more than 2,000 weekly visitors reading their in-depth articles and well worded question and answer sections. They were a six partner specialist firm and were doing pretty well with 10 new cases coming through the doors each month. All this with no paid advertising whatsoever.

Although we could have done something to increase their traffic further with paid advertising, it didn’t seem to be a requirement, as there were so many visitors already. We needed to ascertain why these visitors were not enquiring: were they not prospective clients? were they being put off somehow?

We set up our client journey intelligence. It immediately provided insight into where their clients were currently coming from: individual name and brand related searches. Practically zero visitors that came along not having heard of the firm or individual solicitors ever enquired.

The solution to this was to upgrade the content. The content on the website was incredibly comprehensive already – it just answered everyone’s questions so well, that often people would not enquire then and there. In divorce, decisions to actually engage with a law firm are in the spur of the moment and they call the first firm they see that they like the look of. This law firm was getting all of the slow burn, education seeking traffic, and none of the hot-to-trot commercial traffic!

We quickly solved this with content upgrades and re-targeting. Each page that had great content was changed to offer intermediate level content plus a content upgrade for the in-depth data in exchange for an email address. These people were then updated each time we did a new piece of content. Secondly we did move to a paid advertising strategy but only targeting those people that had visited the website more than 3 times looking for answers without enquiring.

We also provided their new business development team with real-time alerts as to who was interested right now (see our client journey intelligence for more details on how we do it) and this made all the difference to actually converting their hard won visitors into enquiring prospective clients

Taking a firm from rookie to the big leagues over 5 years:

A firm approached us to make waves on their online presence. They had always relied solely upon word of mouth for their niche services but it was drying up as more prospective clients were looking for the right firm online. We took their website apart and built it from scratch with all new content and media. We then started out on a mid-level advertising budget which quickly started bringing in the 15% of business they had seen drop off.

Upon researching the niche and dealing with the senior partners, we isolated a number of “super-niches” and built micro-sites and separate advertising to these nationally. Some of these worked and others didn’t but over a 5 year period the firm has expanded threefold in size and gets around a third of its business from online means. The budgets have increased in that time, but with our full client journey intelligence solution in place, the ROI consistently hits 500% year in and year out.

Local firm needing more incoming business:

We took over from a leading legal marketing provider as their campaigns were just not cutting it. They were relying heavily on publishing content on LinkedIn and newsletters to past clients.

We redesigned their website to make it mobile friendly and deployed our campaigns-as-a-service micro-site and attendant advertising for Personal Injury and Higher End Divorce work.

Personal Injury was backed up with low cost cable TV spots with free phone and SMS calls to action. Leads were answered within a few minutes and nurtured along with links to the microsites. Our search advertising was limited to life changing injuries only, to ensure case enquiries that came in were of higher value.

We specifically targeted affluent nearby areas with our higher end divorce advertising and utilised their large past client base to run paid social media campaigns to algorithmically similar audiences. We also ran a number of mobile only campaigns.

These actions resulted in a significant upturn in new business for the firm with some good PI cases and a number of higher net worth private family matters.

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