Do want to reach the top of search engine results and get more clients for your online law firm?

It can be difficult, with thousands of others providing the same services. Almost every business now promotes themselves online. This creates a large amount of competition, which makes it hard for your online law firm to stand out and get noticed, especially when it comes to search engine results and online traffic. If you want to reach a new level of success then learn how to become the top online law firm for your legal services niche nationally.

The Importance of Focusing on a Specific Niche

In order to expand your online law firm, you are going to need to decide on your specific niche within the law firm market. When you simply promote yourself as an “online law firm”, you are putting yourself in direct competition with thousands of other law firms. The purpose of niche marketing is to narrow down the field to lower your amount of online competition and increase your conversion rates. Appearing at the top of search engine results will boost traffic to your site and narrowing your focus can help convert visitors to clients.

Choosing a Niche Legal Service

The first step you will need to take to benefit from niche online marketing is to decide on your narrow niche legal service. What specific type of legal services do you want to focus on? To help you decide, use a free keyword research tool, such as the tool provided at Google Adwords, to find out how often various keyword phrases (or long-tailed keywords) are searched each month and what level of competition you will face focusing on each keyword. Your goal should be to find a 3 to 4 word phrase, such as “Equine Personal Injury” or “High Net Worth Divorce” to focus on your niche legal services.

Higher Search Engine Results

By focusing on a niche legal service you will start getting higher rankings in search engine results. While the search term you use may only get several thousands searches each month and a more generic search term could provide tens to twenty times as many searches, by focusing on the longer keyword you are lowering your competition. Search engine rankings are based on a number of factors, but it is hard for an upcoming online legal firm to outrank a large business that has been online for years – building backlinks and growing their online presence. The limited competition you face with your niche search term will help you climb the search engine rankings.

Higher Conversion Rates

The second benefit of niche online marketing for your online legal firm is that you should soon see higher conversion rates. When someone is looking specifically for “non-accidental injury of children” and that is your niche search term, they will find exactly what they are looking for. Higher conversion rates and better search engine rankings go hand in hand. Visitors your website will already know what type of legal services they want and know that you can give them the legal help they need.

To start growing your online legal firm, you need to focus on a niche legal service. Start growing your legal firm and become the biggest online agency in your niche legal field.