Marketing The Law Is a New Concept In Specialist Legal Marketing and Advertising

Over the past seven years we have worked with law firms to increase their incoming business through proven marketing & advertising campaigns and smart value tracking and prospect analytics.

Your Return on Investment is our focus.

Average ROI for our clients

2014 Increased Client Turnover

2015 Increased Client Turnover

2016 Increased Client Turnover

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Our Services Exist For Just One Purpose: The Growth Of Your Law Firm

Through our Specialised Campaigns-as-a-Service, Client Journey Intelligence and Custom Built Solutions we ensure that your marketing budget gets you the growth your firm is looking for and at an excellent rate of return.

We have offices and partner contacts throughout the UK and have recently expanded to the US as well. We have several services available, if you would like to take things further, please fill in the contact form below or call us on +44 (0) 203 507 0061.

Case Studies

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We build you proven campaigns that bring in new business for specific areas of your law firm. They are extremely flexible and can be deployed in just a few days. If a department needs a boost, this is it. We have several legal areas to choose from already, and we will build campaigns from scratch if it is a new niche for us.

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Client Journey Intelligence

We provide our fully integrated, high-tech tracking systems which discover more leads from your current traffic and show exactly what marketing and advertising initiatives are working. You will get to know exactly who is on your website, what they are doing, where they came from and gain insight into what to do to ensure they become clients.

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Custom Built Solutions

We have an array of individual services that combine to create the ultimate solution, exactly tailor made to your firm's circumstances and goals. We'll help you pick and mix the perfect solution right now whether that is a comprehensive firm-wide full solution or just a strategic consultation to solve specific difficulties.

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Case Studies

By Firm

Larger Firms with in-house teams and multiple suppliers

We have worked with several larger firms over the years. We bring our client journey intelligence to already well-established systems. We deploy specialist campaigns-as-a-service to boost departments. And, we provide custom built solutions to help fill any gaps between PR, marketing, and sales initiatives. No matter the firm's circumstances, there has always been a place for our tech and experience.

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Specialist firms working in one or two particular legal niches

We help specialist firms increase their local business in their niche as well as to move further afield. For example, when a specialist firm opens up a new office we will help get the word out in the new area with a campaign-as-a-service. Often, niche legal areas can be high transaction value and really benefit from our client journey intelligence to find more leads from their current traffic. And a custom solution will always have the biggest effect for the specialist law firm's growth.

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SME Firms looking to boost local business or expand catchment area

Smaller firms often enjoy a big boost with our campaigns-as-a-service by picking an area that is not running at capacity and getting in more work for it. Client journey intelligence will normally isolate at least one marketing avenue that is not performing so any budget currently being wasted can be reinvested into on of our campaigns or a custom solution. We have "grown up" with firms that would be classified as SME and either became specialist or expanded in size or or regional scope.

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Main Service Packages

Campaigns As A Service

Proven Legal Marketing & Advertising Campaigns

Similar to a software subscription model we have developed Campaigns as A Service. We have a selection of micro-site and advertising campaigns available for specific legal niches including family, criminal, commercial, and employment law. Deployment is typically within 5 working days and requires minimal input from the law firm to get started. There are no set up fees and contracts are rolling monthly. ROI is typically upwards of 300-500% in the first 6 months.

This means instant new business for your law firm that you can flexibly turn on and off as you see fit. These campaigns have been deployed in multiple cities and countries so we understand the nuances between different legal niches as well as service locations.

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Client Journey Intelligence

Value Tracking, Prospect Analytics & Appraisals

Our Client Journey Intelligence systems bring two major benefits to your marketing and client engagement.

Firstly, we can find out exactly what marketing strategies are producing ROI. Initially designed so we could track the returns clients were getting from our campaigns, we were soon asked to provide the system to our clients’ in-house teams and 3rd party suppliers. Open your eyes and see which areas are profitable and which areas are wasting budget.

As we track your campaigns on the individual visitor level we can lead score and send real time alerts to your staff regarding interested prospective clients that you would not have heard of otherwise. Tap into the 98% of visitors that do not directly enquire after coming to your website.

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Custom Built Solutions

The Exact Mix of Technology & Marketing Consultancy

Our tailor-made programs work exactly along your expansion goals. We start with easy wins to make and save you money whilst increasing new client inflow and impact.

Next, we can isolate the high transaction value, high margin super-niches that you can currently service and build those campaigns.

We will deliver strategic consulting to develop more areas within the firm that significantly benefit the bottom line at year end, this can be anywhere from a full service solution to consulting on specific campaigns and areas of legal service.

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